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David Anderson Keep Global



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North American CEO - KEEP Global

Co-Founder - School Loan 411

Former White House aide

Former Goldman, JP Morgan

Born in 1985, David is a Chicago native and co-founder of School Loan 411, a student-loan advisory firm.  He has been selected as a Global Shaper by The World Economic Forum and as a Senior Advisor to the Honorary Consul to the country of Moldova.  David has worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in New York City and investment management at J.P. Morgan in Chicago.  He was also an aide at the White House during the Obama administration.  He is a proud graduate of Chicago State University and Harvard University’s Explorations Program.  He resides with his wife Kristin in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. 




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Financially Free @ 27 years old

Serial Entrepreneur

Direct Sales Expert

International Speaker

Born in 1982, Mark is the child of Burmese and Filipino immigrants.  He paid his way through college as an actor and started his life as an entrepreneur launching a film festival at age twenty-one.  Mark built a million-dollar-plus direct-sales online retail business that allowed him to retire from the corporate world at twenty-seven.  Mark has been invited to speak globally about goal-setting, personal development, team-building, financial freedom and creating culture.  Mark is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and is a proud Chicagoan.  He and his wife Meredith live in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.


Mark Nathan Entrepreneur

The Authors

The Delusion of Passion is timely for the next century and the new world economy. Finding your passion is only a piece of the success puzzle. A must read for any Millennial struggling to channel their passion and for non-Millennials seeking to inspire the next generation.

-Daliah Saper                                                       

Internet/Entertainment Lawyer - Saper Law     

Adjunct Professor, Loyola University Chicago   

This book is a masterpiece for the next generation of diverse professionals and entreprenuers. David and Mark use their experiences to encapsulate the heart of the Millennial Mind for all to understand. Every business and non-profit leader should pass this resource along to their teams.

-Ernest Ferguson                                                     

Former Sr. Executive, KPMG & Goldman Sachs   




International speaker, psychologist and founder of Comfort Zone Crusher Till H. Gross catches up with one of his mentors, David Anderson, about success and leading the Millennial Generation.

Till H. Gross apprenticed under some of the best therapists in the world and studied psychology at the University of Vienna and University of Chicago. Comfort Zone Crusher uses evidence based psychotherapy techniques in a fun and playful way to help people expand their comfort zone and become more confident. 


Mark Nathan

I interview entrepreneurs around the world who are doing something seemingly unrelated to their degree. We discuss some wins and fails in starting their business, how their degree actually does play a role, and work through a current pain point.

Episode #4 - Mark Nathan

I’m really excited to present my interview with Mark Nathan — a Chicago-based serial entrepreneur who is rocking the heck out of life. He just published a book entitled “Delusion of Passion” focused on Millennials and redefining success.


Mark Nathan

The mission of New Inceptions is to provide reanimated Creators from around the world with the community and resources they need to thrive and build outstanding lives through work that matters not only to them, but possibly the rest of the world. When in the community, those individuals, called Renegades, pledge not only to support one another, but to also give a positive atmosphere to those that are in their daily lives.

Session 23 - Mark Nathan

When building a business, it's important to have passion in what you're doing. However, for a lot of Millennials, we tend to kind of brush over the hard parts and go right to the fun stuff.

Listen as Laila and JC interview Mark Nathan about what he went through in building his business and his new book: Delusion of Passion - Why Millennials Struggle with Success.


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