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The Habit You MUST Develop To Hit The Goal You’re Chasing

No one wants to live a pitiful, uninspired, second-rate life. And yet, so many people struggle financially, struggle in relationships, struggle in their career, struggle in personal fulfillment. Have you ever stopped to think on that? Just how many millions of people are unhappy, yet have everything at their disposal to change their destiny?

Yes, I said it. No matter your circumstance, upbringing, financial means, or skin color - you CAN change your destiny. A quick google search of the most successful people that came from the most troubled backgrounds will leave you so jacked, that you may stop reading this blog right now… so maybe google it after this read. Motivated people WANT to change their destiny. If you want to, and can, there is only one question left to answer: how?

If you’ve ever picked up a success book, chances are you have stumbled on the concept that your daily habits determine your success in life. Even if you’ve NEVER picked up a success book (which I doubt is you, dear reader), I’m sure you have heard this. Or even if you’ve never heard it (under a rock much?), you know it’s true deep down in your bones.

You cannot change your destiny unless you change something that you do everyday. More than anything (not your intentions, dreams, goals), your HABITS determine your destiny. And of those habits, there is one I would recommend to you above almost all others. Consider it a multiplier of all the other smart work you are doing to chase that goal.

When I started building my business in my early twenties, I received some very wise advice: If you want to succeed in an endeavor, get around those who have succeeded in that endeavor as much as humanly possible. I wanted to win so bad, so I took that pretty literally. I traveled anywhere from 1.5 hours on a weekly basis to 3 hours on a monthly basis to 14 hours on a quarterly basis. One way. Without a car. All to get around the people who had what I wanted: knowledge on how to succeed in what I was trying to do. Was it easy? Absolutely not. It was WAY outside of my comfort zone. Would it have been easier to stay home, hang with my buddies, do the things that came easy to me? For sure. But once I heard that hell is the person you are meeting the person you could have become, I was shook… as the kids say. It rocked me to my core. It gnawed at me and created a fire in me to do whatever I had to do to get the knowledge I needed.

Learning the power of association was the most revolutionary thing that happened to me. Like learning a new language, association is immersion - something you can’t get in any book, no matter how much of a bestseller it is. So it needs to become a HABIT. Association enables you to soak up a different way of thinking, adopt a new way of operating. Association is the key that unlocks the door to the formula of success. Do not fool yourself. You NEED this formula. Going it alone is a recipe for wasted time, energy, and resources. Get the association you need: it’s the secret sauce!

Ok, associate. Got it. But with who?

Trade in your association with Netflix, Hulu, and Fortnite for a MENTOR and a TRIBE of people to run with who are as motivated and positive as you. Associate with your mentor as much as possible. Not just on the big things, but on all things. Like any relationship, the longer you go between meaningful conversations, the more time is wasted on catching up and deepening that relationship over and over again. Get locked in to access the depths of what that relationship has to offer.

get around the heat, the right association

Association with your tribe will pull you forward, plain and simple. Like time spent at the gym, you push yourself 200 times harder when you can look around and see other people doing hard things you are also trying to do. Not to mention the benefit of picking up new techniques and new perspectives. All of these things help you learn faster, grow faster, succeed faster.

If you change one thing this week, change your association. Get around the heat, as they say. Your future self will thank you.

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