Replace Apathy with Appreciation

Welcome back to part 5 of our 6 part series, Reset and Replace.

A reminder of our premise: Most people don’t accomplish the goals they have in life because of their own self imposed limitations. Mostly likely, YOU are the one thing holding you back from all the success you want in life.

Last week, we talked about replacing Division with Diversity. Things got real. Maybe even a little bit heated. So let’s tone it down and make sure you’ve got your heart right. This week, we’re going to talk about possibly the most important replacement, because it unlocks all the others:

Replace Apathy with Appreciation

“I did all that work and nothing happened, so why bother keep trying?”

Have you ever said that?

Have you ever said that about one of your biggest dreams? Something that used to keep you up at night?

That, my friends, is apathy. It’s not necessarily that you’ve fully quit on your dream, you just quit believing that it would actually happen, and you slowly stop doing what it takes to make it happen. You end up being ok settling for something that’s “good enough,” but not the best life has for you.

Apathy is riddled with self doubt, and quite honestly, a lot of selfishness. You’re so wrapped up in yourself and what hasn’t happened for you that you stop caring about your goals. But you forget that people OTHER THAN YOU are depending on you to hit those goals. There are people in your family and people you haven’t even met yet that are counting on you to WIN. And you’re so self-focused that you don’t care. That’s no way to go through life, let alone succeed.

So my advice? CARE. Instead of letting yourself slip into apathy, develop appreciation. And all that really takes - like we’ve been talking about throughout this series - is a change in perspective.

Let’s start here: how about you stop thinking about all the things that didn’t work and start thinking about what you’re fighting for. When you remember that your cause is bigger than you, you start to appreciate everything you have to help you accomplish it, big or small. You treat every crumb like a feast. You start to CARE about everything because it is all valuable.

You should also stop thinking about the people who don’t support you and focus on the ones that do. If you have a mentor in your life, you better hit your knees and thank God that you have someone who is willing to invest their life in you. Do you appreciate that? Here’s what I’ve seen: when you appreciate your mentor, it ignites appreciation IN the mentor back to YOU. And if there’s anyone else around to witness it, those people will start to appreciate THEIR mentor more.

That’s right friends, appreciation is contagious. What you appreciate and value appreciates in value.

When you live with appreciation, it’s inspiring. Learn to live with appreciation for everyone - your team, your coworkers, your family, your friends. How do you treat them? How much time, energy, and effort do you pour into the people you care about? I’m telling you like a friend, it will change the game when you live like that.

You can CHOOSE appreciation over apathy. You can CHOOSE to stay hungry instead of satisfied. You can CHOOSE to move forward or just let things stay status quo. But here’s a hint, friends: if you choose to stay where you’re at, you deserve to be where you end up.

I’ve always heard that the seedbed to all success is a positive mental attitude. But what is the seedbed to a positive mental attitude? Appreciation. You can't expect the best out of every situation if you don't appreciate the situation you're in. You don’t just have challenges you’re facing, you have the opportunity to overcome. Most people become despondent or apathetic towards challenges, but everyone appreciates a good opportunity.

There is huge growth and success coming for those whose mindsets are ready to find it. And you attract that growth with appreciation, not apathy. Choose to be grateful. Choose to count your blessings. Cause chances are, you’ve got a lot of them. And when you choose appreciation, you don’t just unlock the rest of these mindset shifts, you also unlock incredible possibilities for your future.

See you next week for our final installment!

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