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There's More To Your Daydreams Than You Know... - More from Steve Harvey

Life is like a scavenger hunt. Hidden treasures remain hidden until you know what you’re looking for and look for them everywhere. You’d be surprised how often you can find learning lessons where you’d least expect them if you just pay attention.

That was definitely the case when my family and I went to Family Feud last year! I shared in an earlier blog one lesson I took from Steve Harvey as he advised a member of the audience about taking risks and embarking on new endeavors in life. You can check that out right here.

I'm always on the lookout for anything regarding vision--expanding vision in your own life, drawing the best out in others by increasing their vision, coming into the vision that you have for your life...I’m a vision junkie. So when Steve began talking about the power of having a dream, I was all ears, especially given the multi-faceted success he’s experienced in his life (in spite of humble beginnings).

Most people have visions, dreams and goals that they think maybe one day hopefully they’ll accomplish. If the stars align and they catch a few lucky breaks, they just might come into the vision and accomplish some of their dreams. And sadly, these fleeting desires typically amount to nothing more than a shoulda, coulda, woulda moment that they might not even remember next week.

Steve presented a different perspective of how he chooses to see those glimpses of visions and dreams in his own life, drawing an analogy from

his extensive experience and knowledge of the

entertainment world.

Steve Harvey's Perspective

“When you see a newly released movie in the theater and you see trailers before that movie...have you ever seen a trailer for a major motion picture that did NOT end up coming out?”

Steve shared that in the movie industry if a production company wants to pull the plug on a movie there's plenty of opportunities to do it:

-They could pull the plug during the script-writing process.

-They could pull the plug during development.

-They could pull the plug during shooting.

-They could pull the plug in post-production.

You get the idea.

Here's what it means when you see a trailer for a major motion picture: if the production company has committed to releasing the trailer, they've committed to releasing the movie.

Trailers don’t exist unless there’s a movie coming out.

Steve said, “I believe God works the same way. I think that's what your visions are. The visions you have, not everyone has those. They are unique to you and in my opinion, that's God: that’s Him releasing a trailer to you. If God is releasing the trailer, He intends to release the movie.”

He intends for you to have it. He intends for you to walk into it.

It doesn't mean it's not going to take work...if we’re being real, it’ll probably take a lot of work. It also doesn't mean it's going to magically come together, but I believe if God releases the trailer He’ll also release the movie, if you actually do something to back it up.

How to Turn Vision into Reality

You have to walk in faith, work hard, and believe that the vision is not a lofty dream but is a glimpse of something that will happen in your life.

I heard that and thought back to a number of the different projects my wife and I have worked on so far: the businesses we've built, the income we’ve created, the goals we've accomplished...all of it traced back to a fleeting idea that could just as easily flittered away like a butterfly. But instead it manifested into something real.

The film festival that we launched came from a five-minute conversation at a party with a friend. Ninety days later, it was a real event with hundreds in attendance.

The book The Delusion of Passion came from a 4 minute conversation followed by a 30-minute fit of inspiration that produced the outline for the book. Today, it’s being read all over the world and has opened amazing doors.

The direct sales organization we’ve built started one night I attended an informational meeting, and as the business plan was drawn out I envisioned it working for me - I saw the life I could live if I followed the program. Today, that organization has created financial freedom for us and there will soon be a hundred others following suit.

If you have a dream to start something, just know that God is going to equip you along the way to get it. He wants you to come into the reality of that vision!

What will you do?!

I think about the things that we have left to do. There are dreams that we still have for wanting to impact our community, change our world, help our family, and serve the people in our lives. Since we have visions for how we want to do these things, I believe that God is going to equip us and give us the means to be able to do them!

Really the only question as to whether your dream will manifest is what will YOU do?!

Will you believe?

Will you work hard?

Will you learn to kill what's in front of you right now?

The trailer has been released! Now put one foot in front of the other until you see the movie playing out in your life.

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