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Abundance vs Lack Mindset

There are at least 3 amazing opportunities in your life right now. Here's why you don't see them...

I grew up the child of immigrants who were not particularly connected to pop culture. Which meant my siblings and I had no sense of style, horrendous haircuts, and only listened to news radio in the car.

One day in 3rd grade, I started noticing a pattern on all the t-shirts the girls were wearing--the world was in the midst of a full-fledged infatuation with New Kids on the Block. I asked my friend what that was and he said "Dude, their songs play on the radio, like, ALL the time." Never having heard anything but the news on the radio, my little child-of-immigrant-brain wondered, "Do those songs play before or after the traffic report?"

Abundance vs Lack Mindset

My friend explained to me that there are other stations out there, you just have to change what you're tuned into. The music was playing around me all the time - I just wasn't tuned into the right station.


Most people want new exciting things to happen in their life. They want Abundance (abundance of opportunity, abundance of prosperity, abundance of success)

The problem is...

Their brain isn’t tuned into that station.

They don't even know the Abundance Station exists.

Most people are tuned into the Lack Station (lack of opportunity, lack of prosperity, lack of success). It’s not because they want to be; they just don't know any different.

Over the years, they've heard smart sounding things from well-intentioned people and cemented these statements as the cornerstones of their lives.

Things like:

I don't want to get my hopes up, because then I'll get disappointed.

I don't need that much to get by. Having too much would make me greedy.

They look at other people's lives and think "Why can't that be me? I guess that person was just lucky/blessed/smarter than me/better-looking than me/etc.."

If you've ever said those things, you got suckered into programming your mind and tuning your brain into the Lack Station instead of the Abundance Station. And what you’re tuned into is what you'll see--Lack everywhere!

But when you simply turn the dial...everyday situations can become empowering.

Read more here on how you can reprogram your mind with your words.

When you're tuned into the Lack Mentality Station, you'll see people's failures and tell yourself it was smart to play it safe. When you're tuned into the Abundance Mentality Station, you begin to study people's successes and appreciate the risks they took to get there.

When you're tuned into the Lack Mentality Station, you always seem to hear about bad people doing corrupt things with money. When you're tuned into the Abundance Mentality Station, you begin to see thousands of stories of good people with money accelerating great change in their world.

When you're tuned into the Lack Mentality Station, you'll see everyone else moving on in life and judge them or judge yourself.

When you're tuned into the Abundance Mentality Station, you see others moving on in life as potential teachers or partners.

The Abundance Station helps you learn:

abundance vs lack mindset

-Even getting half of big expectations is better than getting 100% of no expectations, so dream huge!

-Having more than what you need is a really good thing, because then and only then can you really give abundantly. So prosper and overflow with money!

-The fact of the matter is there's no limit on opportunity in this world - the harvest is plentiful, it’s the laborers that are few. So work hard and always put yourself in a position to win!

So, how do you tune into abundance?

Here are a few TIPS to get you started:

-Appreciation is the key to unlocking everything. What mentors do you have in your life? Have you told them you’re grateful for what you’ve learned from them? Are there ways you can add value to what they are doing?

You can LEARN more...

-What is the current project you are working on at your job? When is it due? Get it done 24 hours before it’s needed, and give it 10% more than what’s expected of you. Go the extra

mile in this way and watch further opportunities start to roll in.

You can DO more...

-Write down your goals for the year (and if you’ve already written them, rewrite them). Whatever your original plans were, make your goals 10% bigger than you’d originally planned. Review these goals often - it’s amazing the way your brain will get to work solving the problem you put in front of it!

You can ACCOMPLISH more…

-Build a vocabulary of success. Pick up a biography of someone who has achieved at a high level (preferably in whatever arena you’re hoping to succeed in). As you read their story, pay attention to the struggles they dealt with and how they overcame them. How did they identify opportunity in the midst of crisis?

You are STRONGER than you know...

Most people are looking for their big chance. They want doors to open up and success to knock them upside the head.

But they’re wandering blindly...

Abundance is happening around you all the time. Don't wait for doors to magically open - fix your mentality. Right now your favorite Taylor Swift song is playing on the radio, but if you don’t tune in you’ll never hear it! Change what your brain is tuned into, and see invisible opportunities appear right before your eyes.

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