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This is a remarkable book, not only written skillfully but with a rare mix of humor and practical wisdom from key figures of all generations. I love the way the authors so eloquently weave in not only the passion and pain of life's lessons but share the realism of change and our attempt to change with the times or be left behind. It's a true recipe for success and a deeper look at the terms distraction versus uninspired.

-Tyronne Stoudemire                                              

VP of Global Diversity & Inclusion                          

Hyatt Hotels Corporation                                         




This book is a masterpiece for the next generation of diverse professionals and entrepreneurs.  David and Mark use their experiences to encapsulate the heart of the Millennial Mind for all to understand.  Every business & non-profit leader should pass this on as a resource to their team.

-Ernest Ferguson                                                         

Former Sr. Executive - Goldman Sachs & KPMG    


Read the book.  Pass it on.  Change the future.

Get one for you, get one to give!

This easy-to-read book is perfect for people who already love personal growth

and exciting for those who don't read, even when they're supposed to!

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