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Mark Nathan

The Delusion of Passion is timely for the next century and the new world economy. Finding your passion is only a piece of the success puzzle. A must read for any Millennial struggling to channel their passion and for non-Millennials seeking to inspire the next generation.

-Daliah Saper                                                       

Internet/Entertainment Lawyer - Saper Law     

Adjunct Professor, Loyola University Chicago   



This is a remarkable book, not only written skillfully but with a rare mix of humor and practical wisdom from key figures of all generations. I love the way the authors so eloquently weave in not only the passion and pain of life's lessons but share the realism of change and our attempt to change with the times or be left behind. It's a true recipe for success and a deeper look at the terms distraction versus uninspired.

-Tyronne Stoudemire                                          

VP Global Diversity & Inclusion - Hyatt Hotels  


The Delusion of Passion is a masterpiece for the next generation of diverse professionals and entrepreneurs. David and Mark use their experiences to encapsulate the heart of the Millennial Mind for all to understand. Every business and non-profit leader should pass this resource along to their teams.

  -Ernest Ferguson                                                  

Former Sr. Executive, KPMG & Goldman Sachs

FOX News Chicago - July 2016

Co-authors David Anderson and Mark Nathan interviewed 8,000+ Millennials and spent two years writing to come out with their book "The Delusion of Passion" aimed at the Millennial workforce

Networking Times - Cover Story - Sept 2016

Networking Times Mark Nathan David Anderson with Rick DeVoss Jeff Olsen
Mark Nathan
Mark Nathan

David Anderson and Mark Nathan appear on the cover of Networking Times - Sept/Oct 2016 issue focusing on Millennials.

Featured cover stories in past issues include incredible authors, such as Jeff Olsen (The Slight Edge) and Eric Worre (Go Pro), along with industry giant & multi-billionaire Rich DeVos.

The Delusion of Passion: Why Millennials Struggle to Find Success and the authors insights are helping to shape an entire industry for the next generation of leaders!

The Authors
David Anderson
Mark Nathan
The Millennial Struggle  &  Struggling with Millennials

Our Generation


We want life to be awesome. 


We're not afraid to work hard for something we're passionate about...but how do we find those things?  What does it look like when we do find our way? Will we know it?  What if we commit to the wrong things?  What if we never find our true calling in life? 


Life is supposed to be this amazing ride, right?  We feel like that sometimes, but we don't feel like we're tapping into our inner greatness. 


We want to learn, but everyone who gives us "advice" just seems to be lecturing, condescending, or only interested in turning us into them...


Working with Millennials:


They seem to be wired differently.


They are to be motivated by different things, work in a different way, and see the world and others with a different perspective.  


At times, they are inspiring...most of the time they are infuriating.


They seem to have all this great potential, but seem uninterested, disconnected, and/or apathetic.  Maybe this new generation is just too soft...


All I really know is that what we've been doing up to this point, hasn't been working. 

Enter into The Millennial Mind

What went into the book...


2 years writing &
crafting the chapters 


Over 8000 Millennials interviewed about their future


7 businesses the authors have helped to create or grow, from failed start-ups to million-dollar-plus organizations


Authors have spoken to 50,000+ people about success, 
entrepreneurship, personal development & leadership


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